Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Matte, Gloss and Crisp.. they're all mine

It's no secret that I am a magazine addict and those who know me can confirm that, I just recently was cataloging my titles and documented how many I have... well I attempted to, I got to 300 and just gave up with counting. All that really matters to me is that they are in the proper order, section and in proper heights and thickness. Yes when it comes to my babies I do get a little OCD with it but I have to as I feel I will be leaving a legacy one day for my niece or nephew (yes they will be in fashion!! haha)

Nothing beats the day when all the new titles are released on the shelves, the anticipation for what the issues will hold inside is too much I barely get 10m away from the stand before I quickly skim over each title and smell the pages (trust me the smell of a magazine is amazing... I have no idea why but it just gives me a fresh and new feeling). I've recently fallen in love with Russh magazine again, they have gone from gloss to matte which gives it this luxe feeling. Go out and check out all the different magazine covers, you instantly can feel the difference in each mags quality by the texture of the covers and pages. Grazia has cheap and bendy paper as it's a weekly mag which you can throw (but I don't!!), Vogue has gloss covers but in high quality as it's an archive magazine and Russh my dear dear Russh has raised the bar with matte finish covers and pages giving them the best spot in my magazine wall (right next to frankie who started the matte trend!).

Magazine current 'crush':-

Russh Issue 31 (current), LOVE this cover and the fashion story this image is from. I greatly loved it and it's totally something I would do. 'I want you to want me' is the story on pages 110 - 133. Another thing I loved about this cover is that the title was opaque allowing for the image to be the main focus and it really draws you in.

Russh Issue 30 (previous) was all about '100%' and their first matte finish cover. The colours were so vibrant and the fashion sroty was a sport luxe theme using clothing from designers who put 100% into everything they do. A highly inspiring issue and a peek into a great future for this magazine.

Not only are magazines educational but they are an escape into a fantasy world where you can be anyone and do anything you want, a real sense of escapism. They're full of art and inspiration, culture and world events, and stories from passionate people who genuinely love what they do. Something as we all I that I draw my strenght from

Enjoy the fantasy worlds available to you and be inspired

Mitch. S xx

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Sunday, October 25, 2009

I'll have a Latte, and make it a large one

I've been wanting to interview some special friends of mine who are not only creative but inspiring. I've decided to make it a regular thing to not only inspire others but to also share some amazing people with you. So with that being said it brings us to my first victim, Gaia. I met Gaia a little while ago on my first paid styling job, at first I thought she was shy but now we both know each other I've noticed she's larger than life.

For the interview we met up in Sydney's CBD for a shopping day and most importantly for coffee. Jets was the nearest cafe to our window shopping destination and proved to be a winner, I went for a regular Latte whereas Gaia opted for the Large. When the waitress returned I had coffee envy, imagine standing a thimble next to an egg cup... that's how different our coffee's were (I still wish I got the large haha). We discussed fashion and life in general (boys, work, Backstage passes to Block Party and our obsession with Marc Jacobs) which then lead us to the following interview:

M: When did you first realise you wanted to be in the fashion industry?

G: It was actually never always a thought for me, working in the fashion industry. Finishing school I always expected I would do something relating to nutrition or food science, but when it came down to actually breaking free from school and thinking about my career I wanted something enjoyable and second nature to me. I couldn't imagine myself in an essentially 9-5 job which would offer very little in the way of challenges! I realised I actually could co-ordinate an outfit and had creative vision, and I started to work for nothing for designers and earnt money through hospitality jobs in my gap year to study at FBI. I’m glad I didn’t just rush into the wrong industry – it’s the best thing I ever could have done for myself.

M: What was the first magazine you purchased and what made you do it?

G: I honestly cannot recall that little detail, I know I really should. I was always given Vogue by my friends, but I think it was something really mediocre like In Style or Shop Til You Drop. Love them, but Russh is better….you can quote me on that! First time I bought Russh was like my first real magazine experience, I just clicked with its message.

M: How did you go about acquiring such gorgeous images for your blog?

G:There is no agenda when I’m looking for my pictures. Although I tend to go through them quickly, and this is reflected in the way I’m inspired by beauty and things a little left of centre. Unique design and originality - I can’t get enough of it. I also like discarding photos once I’ve used them, and constantly renewing my inspiration so I can really discover more. It’s funny, when I started my blog I didn’t really think about writing on it too much, it was about sharing the inspiration in my images, but accidentally I’ve reignited my passion for writing I had in high school…writing to me is something else.

M: What are some realisations you've had that have shown you what the industry is really like?

G: Working for free comes with the industry. Don’t expect too much, especially of the wrong thing – like glamorous parties and celebrities. If you have a dream within the industry, follow it because you’ve got to be completely self-sufficient, I’ve very much learnt the skills of self-starting. Going up to people and introducing yourself helps you grow, so just do it. No doubts.
I’ve also realised it’s very void of most things intellectual. Not to play it down, but you do involved with these incredible creative types and that is inspiration enough, but personally I find I need a balance of left and right brain!

M: Your blog Youth & Ardency has been getting a lot of attention lately. What was it like when not only did Swatch approach you but when a magazine requested to use your post in their upcoming issue?

G: I know, I received an email one day from Swatch in New York! I was so amazed when they asked to advertise on my blog but landing the spot with Spook Magazine was something I really wanted – I’d sent an article on male models to my friend who was the Fashion Editor, I’d also been working with her previously as an assistant to her styling work, and she said the guys at the magazine loved it. It was pretty humbling to know that something you created was so greatly respected, and by people who had the power to make something of it. It was pretty great timing also as I was at the point where I was asking myself, what do I want? Styling or writing? I think I made the right decision.

M: Who are some great people you've met along your journey in fashion so far?

G: The amazing personalities at college, every one I’ve made friends with are the types of people who have in your life for a long time to come. Other people like stylists are inspirational in terms of what you can do in your career, but my friends are the ones I love to be with the most. We can relate in many ways.

M: Who inspires you?

G: My best friend Odette. She’s not a part of my fashion crowd, but she keeps me happiest out of everything that makes me happy. I’d be lost without my people.
Can I say Jeff Buckley also?

M: If you were to choose 5 fashion related items to describe who you are, what would they be?

G: You little bugger. Infinite possibilities. It’s very hard for me because daily I’m in love with something else. I think shoes will always make me squeal. Great shoes make you look like a Sex & The City character with minimal effort. Yes please. That’s not to say I dress like one. I’m really into jewellery of any sort right now – I’ve always loved anklets and rings. I think there’s something magically feminine about dresses. Not just any type of dress. I think white dresses (marriage on the mind?) that are particularly feminine and delicate are just so special. I also love flouncy tops and over sized shirts. They are comfortable and you have that ‘I’m wearing my boyfriend’s clothes’ about yourself. A great bag is a must too. It’s got to be big and handsome…for all those water bottles! Mitch and I have this eco-friendly/stylish/insane obsession with those 1 litre glass bottles you find at IKEA, you know the ones they use at restaurants? Is that five? Haha

M: Where do you see yourself in 5 years?

G: Whatever I’m doing I don’t want it to be boring! I’ll probably be hunched over a laptop writing 15 articles a day for a highly successful magazine, in an incredible apartment with Carrie’s wardrobe and the income to afford it. A place to call home for the best people out, my friends. Naturally.xx

Confident, Stylish and Creative, this girl is going places and I'm glad I got the opportunity to share a piece of her with you (before she's famous)

Mitch. S xx

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It's all in the print

There's one thing I am becoming obsessed with the more I come into contact with it... Fabric. I have always been one of those people who gets on a high when they touch and smell new clothes (sometimes the smell isn't so great) it's mostly the hand feel of fabric that I love. There are so many textures, weights, colours and designs which gives you a never ending excitement of "what's next?".

For me the most exciting thing in design right now is digitally printed fabrics, we've seen a boom in designers work with this technique and it now has truly made an infinite option for textile prints. Imagine sitting at your computer and designing an image and going 'that'd look great for a dress' and clicking print, voila you have this amazing unique dress at your disposal. I have so many images that I want to be printed on silky tee's, slim pants and even blazers ... I may have to save for a while or wait for this technology to be 'nano-ized' before I can print them, but it's definitely something that will be common practice in the near future.

The process? from what I read it sounds so interesting. When I last read about it (I think a year ago) there's two dying processes one is pigment-based inks and the other is dye-based inks. Pigment inks are more environmentally friendly and are more cost effective as you don't need to go through a colour fastening process, you can also print on a wide variety of fabrics. The let down with Pigment-based inks is that they are more difficult to streamline through the Ink Jet nozzles due to their thickness. With dyed inks you have to go through a process of fabric preparation for dying, colourisation with printing, a colour fastening process and a coating wash out (from the preparation process) The let down is that its really bad for the environment and costs more, but compared to the thickness of Pigments it's easy to use with the Ink Jet system. I'm sure these days it's improved somewhat due to the wide use in textile work. Look it up if you're interested, I'm sure you'll get a better and more scientific explanation...

Tian Wang with this really cool mixture of sky and city print. This whole collection had a mixture of earthy skies meets man made city and over all had some great tailoring.

I've already discussed my obsession with McQueen's prints and designs, but look at this amazing print! love it!

I absolutely love Cosmology! In fact I actually read about it in my spare time and tackled a book about Quantum Mechanics (It was intense!! but highly informative) But to actually print gorgeous star and planet images really excites me! This is an amazing laser cut dress with a galaxy print by Setareh Mohtarez. I really want some pants, blazer or a tee-shirt in this print... not all at once though cause it'll look like the new denim suit and I'll be the poster child of fashion faux pas for sure!

I absolutely have a style crush on Marni Skillings right now, how gorgeous is this dress and the fit is just amazing. The tones really suit this model with the auburn hair tying off nicely with this earthy toned print.

High waisted skirts are always stylish in my book. Marni Skillings has yet again done some great styling with this piece, a form fitting high wasted skirt with a ruffle sleeve blouse is a great combo. The print is awesome and the fabric feels great in real life

Josh Goot has been experimenting with digitally printed fabrics with his last two ranges and has produced some amazing works. I love this maxi, not only does the fabric feel soft and flows nicely but the print really has an air of nostalgia for me. This print just reminds me of primary school in art class, it has that feel of placing dyes in water and dropping paper on top to give you those interesting rainbow prints. It's great and so are the rest of his designs, look him up or go to The Corner Shop in The Strand Arcade to feel the fabric

Christopher Kane the 'It' designer of the new season. We saw a Gorilla printed top/dress earlier this year for his TopShop collection and he's progressed further in his new season. From what I viewed of this collection it seems Kane has been influenced by war images and violent nature, Atomic explosion printed Maxi's, barren lands with smoke rising on dresses and I even think I spotted a volcanic eruption. Although these images are quite harsh and rough they work quite well with the soft and feminine designs, a great juxtaposition that seems to be a reoccurring theme with designers.

I know we've all mucked around with a photo copier and if you haven't you MUST try it (btw do not sit on them!!) Alpha 60 have created a quirky and fun print for their range, uber cool street wear meets office antics. I absolutely love the middle print and over all this collection has left me wanting, loving and needing a tee-shirt printed like this. Santa did you catch that? (I'm obsessed with my list for Santa!)
I'm looking forward to what's to come with digital printing, hopefully my idea of 'nano-izing' the technology will become streamlined and affordable, that way I can play around with my scanner and get some goofy tee's earning me some "street cred"
Mitch. S xx
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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Peeping Tom

Street fashion photography has become all the rage, especially since Scott Schuman aka The Sartorialist came on the scene and dominated the movement. I recently discovered another site called Street Peeper it has city by city around the world where they have snapped some stylish people. In my excitement I found a section on Sydney and saw some great looks. One in particular was this .
The thing I love about this movement is that you get a feeling of excitement, a feeling of knowing that someone potentially is out there looking for stylish people and that could include you. Leaving the house looking drab has become (thankfully) a thing of the past, we are all slowly starting to up our game and get creative. The other day I was waiting in Sydney's CBD and was sadly unimpressed with what fashion was on display, but when you walk about a block down to the QVB or even all the way down to Glebe you start to see some inspiring fashion.

Visit Street Peeper for more and browse each city

Love this image of a guy named Hugo in Melbourne. Visit Melbourne Street Fashion for street style shots and loads more (latests Australian designer runway shows etc)

So dust off your best outfits and get creative, you never know who you'll bump into on the street... a young photographer or even Scott Schuman himself!!
Mitch. S xx
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Duo Tone

I've been obsessed with Ray-bans for ages (since I was about 4 and had Dad's in a draw.. which were soon lost). I've tried on so many pairs and they never look good on me... they look tiny on my face which is strange as my head isn't big. Lusting over the Club Masters has been a long process for me and to my sad realisation .. they look really bad on me when I tried them on yesterday (took that long as the "world wide shortage" prevented me getting my hands on them). In a moment of desperation I saw these really cool duo toned Wayfarers next to the Club Masters, I put them on and bam! instant success.

Santa please add these babies to my lust list of sunnies. Don't forget I must have the Karen Walker sunnies I wrote about last month.... thank you!

Mitch. S xx

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Thursday, October 22, 2009

Striped and Shaved

In a daring mood I decided to get my long shaggy streets locks chopped off. I was channeling a kinda old school punk moment and said "why the hell not, let's do it!!". The result? a new and tricky hair style which looks edgy, a little bit Brittish street meets Parisian (especially in my striped tee)

Mix Beckham with...

Rhianna and you have my hair do!


So I took a snap shot of my new hair for a friend. Ignore the pose but this is what it looks like:

Mitch. S xx

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Monday, October 19, 2009

Drape it, drape it good

Drapery has become an obsession of mine lately and it excites me to see that so many designers have created some gorgeous pieces using this method.

Burberry's S/10 collection really inspired me, Chris Bailey has wowed me with his trench dresses, voluminous skirts and his men's draped tee's. This was an ultra chic collection and definitely was a showcase of why Burberry is so hot right now!

Louis Vuitton, even though it was a crazy mish mash i still enjoyed this collection. It gave me a feeling of a 70's disco traveller who casually wanders the globe in search of a good party... don't ask why it just does... you'll see it when you search in the image below.

Chloe tres tres magnifique! I am discovering the gorgeous styles that are created by the design house. Secy, sophisticated and looks extremely comfy.

Karen walker, well I must say I use to like Karen but I think with the influence of my friend working directly under her I have now become obsessed. Love Love Love the acid green dress that was featured in Grazia last week (sadly due to copyright I have no image)It's gorgeous and I wish I had this dress for an event I assisted in styling last night!! Not only would it suit my model but the clients would have adored the look. Go NZ you are the unsung heroes!!

Pastel green trench dress looking edgy and sexy. The styling is just so spot on it makes me excited about the season ahead.

Lily Donaldson rocking the voluminous skirt look. You should look up the whole show here and see how great the fabric moves (Lily is 2nd out!)

I just loving this whole look. The coat, the tee and the pants must be mine... and soon!

Louis Vuitton with it's disco traveller edge showing how drapery doesn't have to be with plain print fabrics.

Chloe with this relaxed and chic look. I instantly feel comfortable when I look at this, I can just imagine how soft and flowing this fabric is

Over all I say you must embrace the draped look! gorgeous!!

Mitch. S xx

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Saturday, October 17, 2009

Hail, rain or shine it's festival time

There comes a time in every ones life where the desire to get covered in mud while listening to your favorite band becomes overwhelming. This means that you've either worked yourself into the ground all year and need an escape or you simply love to let music take you on a journey as you're a free spirit.

That time has now arrived which is great news for festival goers as it's shaping up to be an amazing Spring/Summer 09. There have already been a few so far this year (Groovin the Moo, Parklife) But now it's coming up to the end of year specials and the launch of a new year. Homebake, Future Music, Goodvibes and BDO are just around the corner so it's time to start planning those outfits.

Attire... now this is a subject with mixed reactions, you have such a diversity of looks out there especially in festival times. Now it's all about going for gold with your creativity but sometimes there's just things you should avoid. Last year I was at Homebake and saw a girl wearing thigh high black patents leather gladiator heels (yep heeels!!) She twisted her ankle and most likely enjoyed the rest of the day/night in the first aid tent. Obviously a bad choice for a number of reasons, 1 heels sink into grass and soil, 2 drinking and heels don't usually mix too well, 3 black patent leather in scorching Sydney weather = blisters/meltage/major sweat and finally they actually didn't even go with her outfit. With that in mind here's some Do's and Don'ts:

- Have fun and get creative
- Make sure if you do get creative that you follow through with the theme head to toe
- Dress festival appropriate, wear clothing that is able to get roughed up a little
- Bring a poncho! it always rains at one point
- Wear comfortable footwear
- Wear a jumpsuit/play suit, porta loo's aren't friendly
- You're not going to a night club so ditch the heels
- Throw on everything in the wardrobe and think you look good.. chances are you look like a twat
- Wear short shorts with no undies and no top guys... not only are you tool worthy but it just ain't cool (plus you look like you're on the roids)
- Cover yourself in oil and turn red like a lobster, skin cancer isn't sexy, +SPF all the way people!!
- Wear a body suit without press studs.. again porta loo's are nasty

Here's some inspiration for outfits and how to really pull off a theme well:

Lily Donaldson rocking the Glunge look in gumboots at Glastonbury

Get the glunge look? Cassette Society top , add some cute cut offs, opaques and a shoulder bag

Henry Holland rocking a great look guys should get inspiration from

Get the Henry look? RVCA top, chuck on some cool cut offs (customize some old Levi's) a thin cotton cardi and Volley's

Drew Barrymore showing us it's still cool to channel a free spirit!

Get the free spirit look? Something Else top from General Pants, just add feather headband, a cute asymmetrical skirt and killer sunnies. Don't forget themed makeup!

Brit It girls showing us how to follow through with your individual style head to toe. Tip raid your closet and plan ahead

Aggy rocking the flag look and being fully committed to cool comfort. Tip don't get an Aussie flag and do this unless you've gone out and printed fabric inspired by the flag print to be turned into a dress (this isn't an American flag, it's actually a digitally manipulated image of one shaped for this dress)

So get planning guys and get creative for the festivals ahead. I'll be snapping away at Big Day Out in Jan so keep an eye out for me if you wanna be snapped looking stylish.

Mitch. S xx

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Thursday, October 15, 2009

Style and the City

MLC Centre Martin Place, Sydney

What a fantastic day, the weather was gorgeous, blue skies all round with lovely rays of sunshine embracing my pasty skin, floral scents wafted in the soft breeze flirting with my sense of smell. My excitement for a new season has been awakened and I'm ready to part with my winter layers.

I met up with my friend Gaia to interview her for my blog (she's a fashion blogger and aspiring stylist). Discussions about doing test shoots, amazing architecture in Martin Place, back stage passes to Block Party and how shy we can be in certain situations passed the time while we tortured ourselves with window shopping.

Originally today was a browsing day.. but when you get two stylists together who are bursting with inspiration and an adoration of clothes it soon turns into borrowing money to purchase the must have wardrobe essential for anyone, a classic Levi's light weight denim shirt, it feels and looks amazing. We also made a purchase at Fleur Wood, these scary but somehow awesome skull pens which in the near future may be turning into a man brooch for me (would that be a "maoch" ?).

Tried to age the picture with a bad lamp and my iPhone haha.

Must see stores in Syd? Strand Arcade: Alannah Hill, The Corner Shop, Sparkle Cakes. In the QVB: General Pants, Ralph Lauren, Cue. In the Galeries Victoria: Incu Women's side, Kasui and Brent Wilson. Here's a few special mentions from our fav moments

Alannah Hill what an amazing layout, we saw the cutest full sequin cardi that felt amazing!! and some super killer heels!! Gotta also love her campaign images

The Corner Shop oh how I love you. Romance was born had some super cute digital prints of knitwear on soft flowing luxurious fabrics. Matt Weston OMG you made my heart stop and yearn for your creation to be around my neck. I saw this amazing necklace by him that screamed I was made for Mitch, I belong to Mitch!!! and it was only $195... if only I didn't have debt... it would have been mine (Santa if you love me you will but it!!)

General Pants had some great potential festival gear (no not fluro, even though I died 4 times when I saw these acid green patent pumps! Think Madonna in her Borderline film clip!!) I'll have festival wear up tomorrow hopefully, so get your wallets ready for reasonably priced clothes and great ways to utilize your wardrobe.

Ralph Lauren the windows were amazing in the QVB, bright race inspired windows with amazing floral arrangements and styling of mannequins. It really brightened up the whole shopping space and created a fantasy land of croquet, drinking tea while wearing lace gloves and naturally riding horses in amazing clothes.

So get your days planed to head into the city and check out The Strand Arade and QVB, you'll end up leaving feeling fresh and inspired as we did.
Mitch. S xx
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Scent of a magnificent man

From his success with Louis Vuitton, edgy designs from his self titled label, to his fantastic fragrance Daisy I say Marc Jacobs ... oh how I adore you!

Marc has just added a new fragrance to his entourage... Lola and ohh how we are all frothing at the mouth with excitement (hey I might be a guy but if you meet anyone I know they'll explain my obsession with fragrances). As I sit here sniffing the page of my magazine trying to encapsulate the scent... I'm starting to envision the woman who would wear this scent. Sexy, confident, mysterious and a little bit of a rebel. Compared to her 'sister' Lola is a deeper scent, I see her as transeasonal best worn with an effortless cool girl attitude, where as with Daisy she's very summery which makes her smell better when worn in warmer weather and with a fun carefree playfulness.

Lola's design is so chic and exciting, the combination of the colours and the fantastic sculptural cap make this young man envious of any girl with this in her par fume arsenal. If Lola were a model she would be Pania Rose or Erin Wasson, if she were a celebrity she'd be Zoohey Deschanel. Ok enough smelling of this magazine..

Males out there don't fret your time is soon to come, word is that Marc is now working on a men's fragrance, and I can tell you this man will be bashing on the glass doors of every department store to be the first to grab it.

Her name is Lola, she is a fragrance ... Ok I promise not to sing anymore, but just admire this bottle.

Lola's older sister Daisy, I've always not only loved this bottle but this fragrance

My suggestion for the men's bottle design, as if you wouldn't want this as a fragrance bottle! Marc please look into this, you know you love it!
Mitch. S xx
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Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ready to Run Spring 2010

Emanuel Ungaro's Spring 2010 Ready to Wear collection has sent the fashion globe running for the hills. Exposed nipples, tacky heart covers, bad styling and over all poor construction. Who is really to blame?

Now I have to put this out there right away, I am a Lohan fan (don't ask... I have no idea why.. I feel one day she will rise above it all haha). Now don't get me wrong there are so many things wrong with this collection, but don't be grabbing your pitchforks and burning Li-Low at the stake there was a design team. I think the image of her smiling walking down the runway made me feel sorry for her with all the nasty comments people gave her and the gawks in the front row, I'm a softy after all.

Lohan aside let's focus on the nuts and bolts of this collection. I tried so very hard to find some positives about this range.. I feel I will need botox at a young age from all the worried looks, frowning and repulsed faces I was making. We saw super short body con dresses, underwear as outerwear with skin tight pants, poorly fitted tops and silhouettes that I'm puzzled by. Some positives? there were two outfits that I actually liked and a couple of ideas (I know right!).. although execution not too fab. Lets start with the bad...
'Oooh dear god' was my initial reaction. Richard Gere certainly didn't rescue this poor call girl. Now the sheer overlay (covering yet another body con mini) actually had potential to be great on its own, just whack the same silhouette under it. I can see so many other ways to improve this. Check out Kirrily Johnston's silk dresses and you'll see how to do it right.
'I Dream Of Jeanie' ... if in fact that dream was a nightmare! Obviously that's what this collection was, a horrible, call girl meets Arabian nights... nightmare. Positives? the hair and makeup?.....
Oh Supre had a show in Paris.... no it's just high end tacky design. The shoes have the potential to be fierce, the rest? Animal liberation are looking for their mascot's white fur back and Supre has found their poster child of nasty.
Mgggghhhh....... that's the sound of me choking on my coffee. I don't understand how they couldn't tell that this doesn't work. Ok the fabric is ok but c'mon look at the top half! Cut that off and lower the skirt a little and you have a fun and cute pencil skirt in an interesting pattern. Throw on a sleeveless ruffle blouse and you have a potentially cute outfit

Ok now this could have been a great play on the power suit, but that bloody nipple is killing my eyes. We could have given the model some finger waves in her hair, made the top half fit properly and bam you have Hollywood glamor. Suggestion... go back and fix it and you have a top seller
Ok this is cute... I know I found something I like haha. I actually just find this look fun and fresh. Those shoes in white look less call girl and the skirt actually looks nice short (maybe cause I don't risk seeing her lack of underwear.. if she follows in Li-Low's footsteps) Thumbs up to this look
Omg two outfits I like? the colour difference in the top and pants really help this look succeed. I also like the different textures, makes more drama... especially with those sleeves. Wow those shoes look cool from this distance... the yellow just looks really cool haha.
Ok so overall my final say is this, if your going to be in the fashion industry first practice your styling skills then move on to design and fit. Don't wing it, don't blame time restraints and if you do then how about you make a smaller collection and perfect that collection rather then sending out shotty designs. Prediction? this is going to be in Supre next week, can't wait to see those windows and more tragic youth on the streets.
Mitch. S xx
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Monday, October 12, 2009

Princess Lily the right choice?

By now all you fashionistas out there will be tweeting and texting about the new Chanel campaign with Lily Allen (below). My friend Alexandra just text me with her views and one thing stood out in her whole text.. 'It's nice, but just nice'.

Now being an avid Karl Lagerfeld fan I have to admire his risk with using Ms Allen for this shoot. When first viewing this I did have mixed feelings, one was 'here's another Vic Beckham look alike', another was 'Ohh love the cuffs' and then finally 'meh it's nice'.
But is "nice" good enough? let me know your thoughts
Mitch. S xx
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Glass is the new plastic

So we all go on about saving the earth, but why not at the same time save yourself?

We've known for quite some time that plastic is evil and destroys the environment, but have you sat back and looked at what it may be doing to you? I'm not going to even pretend that I know anything useful or scientifically correct about the dangers so why don't I dazzle you with a new idea ? A stylish glass bottle!!

Grab this baby from IKEA!

I got the idea off my super cool and stylish friend Gaia when we were styling for Grazia, she pulled one out of her bag and I instantly fell in love with the idea (btw visit her blog youth & ardency , she inspired me to start my own blog).

Anyway.... help start the glass bottle movement, cause we have and I must say it tastes and looks sexy!

Mitch. S xx

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Friday, October 9, 2009

Desperately Seeking 1985

It was destined to be such an amazing year and what makes it even more awesome? I was born!!

Major events: the Nintendo Entertainment System was launched in the U.S, The Tommy Hilfiger Brand was established, TETRIS was released (what a brilliant game that was), brilliant movies were released such as The Breakfast Club, Teen Wolf, Back To The Future, The Goonies and the one I am going to rave about now ... Desperately Seeking Susan.

By far one of my most favorite movies and the most influential movies of my person style (ok let me just say it started my obsession with clothes and Polaroid cameras!) I have talked to a number of people recently who have no idea what this movie is... how can this be? These people are the kind that follow fads saying "oh I'm going for the 80's look right now" because they are wearing a boyfriend blazer with loads of accessories, yet they have no idea where the look originated. When I see them and say "Oh you're having a Desperately Seeking Susan moment... I love it!!" I'm met with blank stares... this pains me... thus the post.

The plot is quite complex, basically it's a movie about mistaken identity, love and adventure. My verdict? you have to see this movie! The soundtrack is great and really adds to the theme of the movie and will forever be playing in your mind. The fashion is to die for, this honestly started my interest in fashion (5 yrs old) and an ongoing obsession for these amazing boots featured in the movie. The boots, an ankle boot encrusted with shiny crystals which in the movie have been styled with the side zips open and folded over (kinda cool street wear look) But most importantly the jacket central to the movies story line, what an amazing statement piece. A black/metallic blazer-esk jacket with gold patterned lapels and an amazing visual on the back of a golden pyramid with an all seeing eye above it... ooh so amazing! So check out the movie and see how your style has been influenced by this iconic movie. I know that it leaves me Desperately Seeking 1985!!

Madonna "Susan" rocking the jacket from the front

From behind on the street
and finally the close up!
Mitch. S xx
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