Thursday, January 27, 2011

My website is now live!

Hey Everyone,

Hope you're all having a great week.

Just a small update to let you all know my website is now live with my online portfolio :)

Head to: and check it out.

More fashion posts to come, just been focussing on the site.

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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Golden Globes

I'm not one who usually follows what's going on at the Golden Globes but as I've started styling people for red carpet events I thought it'd be appropriate to check them out and discuss my opinion.

As most of you know the Golden Globes have just been on and most of you only watched it for the red carpet moments. I think the hardest thing with red carpet fashion is that you have to find something your client is going to like, find something that will be well recieved by the media and also to find something fashion forward that is just forward enough for people. What I mean by "forward enough for people" is something that is ahead of the fashion game that people will be ready to accept as fashionable and not freaky, think of Gaga in the meat dress... not only was it too forward it was actually just completely wrong in all aspects (although she clearly showed how women are viewed as pieces of meat haha).

We saw many trends marching down the red carpet but one that stood out for me would be all the shimmering sequins. A few few versions of sequinned gowns showed up and we also saw a peek at different styles soon to be filtered down to high street stores (mainly the sequins.. I don't really think you'll find red carpet rip offs at Sportsgirl or The Gap).

Photo: Getty Images via WHO mag 

Here we have Tron Legacy star Olivia Wilde in a stunning Marchesa gown, now a lot of people gave her flack saying this was more for the Oscars and too extravagant.. but I say bring on the drama as she looked stunning. I love how the embellishing looks like clusters of stars seen from the Hubble telescope. Why this works: Its fitted at the bodice and it starts to expand from the smallest part of Olivia's waist, also chocolate is a trending colour along with other brown shades.

Photo: Getty Images via WHO mag  
Here we have the stunning Anne Hathaway in an Armani backless gown. It seems she can do no wrong when it comes to Armani. One thing I love about this is that it has full sleeves, a floor length hem but is backless which turns this into a sexy gown, it's not often that covering your front is considered sexy but "leave a little to the imagination" must be this actresses mantra. Why this works: this shade really compliments Anne's hair and makeup it's also just a really great gown!

Photo: Getty Images via WHO mag 
Scarlett Johansson is sporting this Ellie Saab gown with elements of ethereal beauty fused with Hollywood glamour. Now she did get slammed for wearing this being accused of looking "boring" I don't think its so much boring as it is too pale for her complexion, put this on someone with a darker skin tone or get a darker colour of this dress and it would be spot on. Why this works: this is a great fit and style for Scarlett even though the shade doesn't do much for her, I think returning to classic periods in fashion is something that should be celebrated so thumbs up!

Photo: Getty Images via WHO mag  
We have our OCD petite school counsellor ("Glee" for those a little lost) Jayma Mays in this stunning Alberta Ferretti gown. I'm so glad there is a sheer panel at the "V" of this neckline because without it the dress would be completely wrong. Why this works: not only does it really highlight her fiery red hair but she really suits old school glamour so this flapper inspired dress goes with her personality.

Photo: Getty Images via WHO mag  
Angelina Jolie in an Atelier Armani full sleeve gown. This shade of green is just stunning and I love how she's decided to go for something a little more classic for a change (last time I payed attention she was wearing a scary bondage dress and she was too skinny). Why this works: the open neckline adds an element of sensuality to this dress it also compliments the power shoulder incorporated into the gown, again the colour is stunning and it just really highlights Angelina's eye.

Photo: Getty Images via WHO mag  
Amber Riley in Oliver Tolentino showing that "Gleeks" can be red carpet winners. A lot of people with fuller figures always seem to think black is the way to go but Amber shows us that not only can you wear light colours, you can sparkle while you're at it. Why this works: It's asymmetrical breaking up Amber's figure it also cinches in at the smallest part of her waist, the texture of the sequin also break up the body with the fabric just skimming down her hips which compliments her shape.

I'm actually looking forward to the next red carpet event so stay tuned for my 2 cents on trends and top picks.

Mitch x

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Saturday, January 8, 2011

2011 a return to blogging

Well a belated hello to all,

It's been a long time and a crazy crazy year (well almost a year) since my last post. I've gone from volunteering backstage at fashion shows to a full fledged stylist after working 24/7 ...months on end. I think one of the reasons for my success would be my realistic attitude and sheer drive and focus on where I want to be, there's nothing quite like doing what you love as a career (or in my case as a lifestyle). Many of you have been here from the start, many of you are new and many are yet to come.. so here's a glimpse at the story so far... I'm going to gloss over a fair bit as it has been very eventful.

The beginning story:

So it's been 3 years since I up and left my career in retail to jump head first into the real fashion industry (long long story short.. I was in retail for 5 years where I honed in my people management skills and frequently would style for VIP events and TV personalities/supply outfits for magazines... but it wasn't enough to satisfy me). I started this blog about 7 months after I left my job and also after being inspired by an intern I was working with (who is now a close friend) I needed an outlet to talk about fashion so this was a great way to share my views and passion.

The middle story:

The friend I mentioned above stumbled across a fantastic writing opportunity for herself and mentioned the site was looking for a stylist assistant, naturally I applied 3 weeks later as I was so nervous writing a letter. After meeting with the creating director I was actually offered the role of Fashion Editor due to my knowledge of fashion, my passion and the standard of work I presented (pretty much said my letter sold me instantly but wanted to see if I was the same in person). That's when I abandoned this blog as I was writing for the site, conducting photo shoots as well as juggling my assisting work so I didn't really have any spare time to write here.

It was about 4 months after joining the site that I decided to go solo and see if I could survive without assisting, this was not really my choice... I couldn't assist many people cause I don't drive... for aspiring stylist's out there you MUST drive... trust me you're going to see why later on in future posts. The first 3 months solo were really tough, work was really intense for really low pay (it beat working for free which I did for a YEAR! full time) I had a few jobs which back then seemed like high paying roles so they balanced it out a bit. A client who booked me the most went away for 3 months to do charity and I really learnt the downside of freelancing, 8 weeks of no work and you really start to panic and realise that maybe you have to put your dream on hold to get a job you hate in order to pay bills. The day she returned I went from bored and worried to flat out busy and jet setting interstate, it started with a few small fashion show cases to big fashion launches (including the infamous Vogue Fashion's Night Out which I styled fashion showcases for some of Australia's leading designers). Through all these projects I met some amazing people and my network exploded which led to new clients and amazing opportunities... oh and also did I mention fashion parties? this is a great way to have a free night out but also to meet new clients, where other people would run to the bar I'd stay in the group to socialize and network.

The present story:

Last year flew by it saw me go from assisting on shoots and runways at fashion week to styling fashion editorials, reviewing the runway shows at fashion week, styling runway shows, fashion show cases, hosting fashion talks, styling event launches, supplying outfit options for people like Jennifer Hawkins, personal consulting, being a Fashion Editor and being a personal shopper/stylist. .

The online magazine will be focusing on features rather than blog posts so I now have time to focus on my "wants/loves/needs" to share with you like in the past. I'm currently working on my website which will be going live soon (after I've changed my mind on layout 100 times.. my web designer is very patient) and I look to keep this blog up to date with not only on things I want/love/need but also what projects I'm working on so I can share some behind the scenes stories and photos with you.

Here's to an exciting and stylish future.

Mitch . S xx