Monday, November 30, 2009

That land of blue and gold, is where we were free..

So it's not a new album ...but I was listening to my iPod and Goldfrapp came on. I was pleasantly surprised when 'Little Bird' came on from the album Seventh Tree, it's a soft melody that kind of puts you in a meditative state... or as I have been doing a lot lately.. it makes you drift off to that golden flecked meadow land of fantasy.

This album is quite a departure from the previous disco infused one but it's a pleasant change. It gives me a feeling of a kind of journey that a french-clown-wood-nymph is going on through a gorgeous country side.

One thing I love about the leading lady is her quirky styling and ever changing look. From the pictures below you'll be able to see some similarities with Mary-Kate Olsen (or is it Ashley?) Natalie Bassingwaithe and a sad french clown...

I swear I'm getting an Olsen twin vibe from her eyes... can you see it? Well that aside I'm loving this pirate look and I'm envious of her shirt and hat!

Here I see Natalie Basinggwaithe .. can you see it? I love the harlequin print all-in-one suit with a silk ruffle collar. Loving the sun spilling over the mountain and meadow, I think it's always an image I'm drawn to... leaks of golden sun over gorgeous fields.

You can't ignore that this one is the sad french clown! I honestly wish people would wear this in real life, it's just so fun and whimsical, or is that just the lavender field intoxicating my senses?

A better shot of the harlequin all in one, she jazzed it up with the covetable pirate hat this time.

Accessory of the season? a giant owl! you must get one if you are ever going to be the pirate clown you are destined to be!

This kinda makes you feel all warm and safe, one of my favourite images from the album artwork. Alison looks so at peace.. and so awesome in her clowny clothes!
Overall Seven Tree not only gives you visual delight but it also is a great album. I loved that when you purchase the "Deluxe" version you are given mini post card style images of this photo shoot and two giant matte finish posters.
This is a fantasy shoot that I will be cherishing for a long time,
Mitch. S xx

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Fire Locks

One thing that I can say about myself is that I'm extremely like a fish, as in I'm attracted to colourful and shiny objects. With this similarity you would noticed that everything I like is always colourful or shiny or simply the both combined.

Right now a colour I'm obsessed with is red, there's nothing quite as exciting as an attractive model with fiery red locks (especially that red cordial colour).

A model channeling the Ariel look from 'The Little Mermaid'... well that's the association that my brain linked this picture to (oh and hey it links to my fish comment above!!) Check out those red lips!

Not only am I loving this red cordial hair but I'm loving the bashful pink tone used as eye shadow and with the hint of colour on her lips. To top it off she has nice green eyes.

For more great photography images from the set these two belong to head over to Photography Tara

Mitch. S xx

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Like it both ways?!

A couple of years ago my friend was showing me an article on some amazing jeans that fully reversed as if you had 2 pairs of jeans in one. Back then I thought they were great but just didn't think twice as I worked for a denim retailer and owned 200 pairs of jeans (after a culling I'm down to 120).

Now that I'm older and wiser ...and in desperate need of great fashionable jeans (lets face it... I may have 120 but I only wear 4 pairs and they are dying!) I decided to look them up again, I wasn't disappointed. Finn denim may be one of the most innovative denim designers I have come across, not only are the jeans on offer great but I literally am having difficulty changing my mind on using my credit card, I'm not allowed to and I really cant afford to... but I need these jeans!!!

Not only do I love this shot for it's artistic purposes but I am in love with these red metallic jeans called "Red Corvette". I'm going to justify that not only will I look fab in these jeans BUT I technically get TWO pairs in the one!

Since a horrible twist of fate destroyed my checked Wrangler skinnies I have now found out why the fashion gods ruined them. They decided that these HOT jeans were better for me and I shall be lusting over these until they are wrapped around me. "Anti Kilt" will you marry my legs?

Think us boys get all the cool threads? Finn have made the same styles for the ladies too, imagine having a boyfriend with the same jeans and turning up to a party and going "OMG we are wearing the same jeans" not a problem, drop your pants and switch them inside out and you have a new pair, fashion crisis averted!

Rockabilly eat your heart out, they also channel a good punk look (not that rubbish emo stuff) It seems these jeans are so hot you don't even need a top! chuck on a scarf and you're set to rock these hot jeans.

To check out more of these fabulous jeans go to Finn Denim you'll Want, Love and Need them just as I do!

Well I think Santa has found 2 new items he needs to get me or good old plastic will come to the rescue and easy my non shopping woes.

Mitch. S xx

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To those who don't already know I'm a stylist (well a starting out stylist. Majority of work so far is as an assistant as it's my first year) I started out in retail for 5 years and all the while longed to be deeper in the industry and have always wanted to style. So at the beginning of the year I applied for one of Australia's best fashion schools FBI Fashion College and I got in. Since then they have taken me from fashion nobody to fashion somebody (in certain circles) In just 6 months I have completed 90% of my 5 year plan (obviously overestimated how long each goal would take) and I'm so close to my dream of being a full fledged stylist.

Which brings me to the reason for this post. As a stylist you have to have a kit, now for most of you a twinge of recollection will hit you and you'll say "is that the bag that Brad took of Rachel's when he screwed up the Oscars?" yes that's the bag, others will be going "that bloody heavy bag I have to lug around with me everywhere" yes that's the bag... and for those who are stumped? It's a bag that has everything you could possibly need to fix problems that arise in your job, busted seams, makeup stains, cleavage boost, tape in those no bra boobs, gaff tape to protect shoes, toolbox with scissors and pins, wet wipes, g-strings, props etc.

So from that you can see it is extremely important and essential. I've been carrying most of this stuff in my leather messenger bag and to put it bluntly I've screwed my back up. It's so heavy and it has caused many a tension headache. A friend of my brother Rick (used to be his boss) caught wind of this off my brother and he knew what I did for a living PLUS his partner and son are obsessed with fashion so they'd relate our world to him in terms he understood (they rock she wanted me to go see the September issue with her and her son but it was a college night..sigh). He took this info with him and approached his team at his new job (State manager of Crumpler) and managed to get them to sponsor me with a heavy duty bag to save my back and make my travels easy.

Ladies and Gentlemen I introduce you to my new baby the Period Charmer. This baby is packed full of awesome features and it meets all of the criteria that I gave to Rick on what my Kit should be able to store and do. About 98% of my travel is by public transport so this heavy duty handle and comfy rubber grip will be of great help. I especially love the picture they show of how many 6 packs you can put in the bag, it gives me ideas on how to host a "pop up" party, just turn up to a friends place and crack open you bag... voila you have an instant party. This makes the bag both practical and fun and with all the special features and over all weight relief this is going to save me I think these guys will have a life long shopper for ALL my luggage needs.

If you guys are inspired and require one for your work or need an awesome travel bag this model will cost you $395 and bloody well worth it!!! Just head on in to a Crumpler store (mention me where possible It'll be good feedback for Rick)

Can't wait to turn up to shoots with this bag to outshine the makeup artists, hair stylists and assistants.

Mitch. S xx

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Sweet Fantasy

It's not really a strange idea to anyone that I have rather eclectic taste, one day I could be projecting my mind into an upbeat New York street imagining wearing edgy street wear while having Jumbo Latte's with friends where as another day I could take my mind on a solo journey to a secluded beach having a tea party with a turtle while wearing harem pants with a draped modal tee holding a staff.

My point to the opening paragraph? I love being able to let my imagination roam wild with not only fashion but with ideas in general. For a while I've been obsessed with Sigur Ros and another Icelandic band (who in fact do the string work for Sigur Ros) Amiina. They both are able to take me to fantasy realms with their sweet, haunting music. One song that I'm obsessed with is 'Hemipode' by Amiina, this song definitely took me to a tea party kind of place, think Alice in Wonderland meets Maire Antoinette (the movie). Think of a hillside with a golden sun hue running through the trees, bright bold colours in every point of vision, a gorgeous crochet blanket with a spread of a porcelain tea set with lady birds delicately painted on them and cartoon-esk cakes in all shapes and sizes.

Amiina proving the teaparty theme was accurate (found this after I wrote my blog post). I love their style it reminds me of everything frankie magazine stands for

A beautiful landscape to help you drift off when listening to Amiina

A blanket for you to sit on when you have your tea party in your mind

Wow this teapot existed? ok well here's one part of your tea set

Yout cakes to feast on when you have your Marie Antoinette moment of pampering fantasy

Enjoy the sweet fantasy and let yourself drift off, you never know where you'll end up

Mitch. S xx

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Friday, November 27, 2009

Shopping for others

One great thing about being a stylist is when your friends and family ask you to go shopping with them. You get to go to all the great stores and spend other peoples money... the draw back is you don't actually shop for yourself (and due to my current financial standings I don't get to shop until Feb next year!!)

Lately I've been "Hired" by a couple of friends and my Mum to help source some great fashion finds, my payment? they all seem to feel sorry for me not being able to shop and they buy me something each trip. So far I've received a Shirt, 2 T-shirts, 4 Pairs of shoes and 1 non fashion item... a box of chocolates (BTW thats adds up to $600 worth of gifts). Now all I need is a pair of jeans/pants and Ill have a complete outfit with interchangeable shoes and tee's.

I got these shoes last week as a gift for creating an outfit for an Xmas party. The Outfit:Earrings, 2 Rings, A 6 set of Bangles, A dress and some great shoes. Cosmetics: 2 nail varnish options, lipstick, blush and a great anti wrinkle foundation. As you can see they got the works so I am grateful for their extra splash out on grabbing me some shoes.

I don't expect these gifts but boy doesn't it feel great to be updating my wardrobe while helping others! One day Ill have paying clients when I branch out from photoshoots into personal shopping and Ill still be helping friends for free

Mitch. S xx

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Out of the mouths of babes

It seems to me that simply growing up as a kid just wont do, I've noticed a trend of children being fashion guru's or simply children planning so far in the future that it scares me.

Gone are the days of mud pies and hungry hungry hippos, kids are now playing with sewing machines making complete outfits, they are blogging on their Mac Book Air's, they are emailing on their Blackberries and iPhones and giving style advice to men and women from the ages of 18 -60.

I think one of the most unnerving things about this trend is the fact that these kids are more articulate then 90% of the adults and industry experts I know. Since when do 9 yr olds say things like "I love the contrast of colours..." "this range inspired me and took me on a new journey..." and "I love the silhouettes used, he is such an artistic and influential designer" ... I'm sorry but when I was 9 it was all about 'Samurai Pizza Cats' and 'Xmen' no one ever spoke this way.. in fact the most sophisticated phrase used by us would be "I think we should ask permission to have a sleep over so we can watch videos all night". Either these kids have been trained very well by their parents, the media are altering and editing their work like crazy ... or kids really do hear from the womb and are learning to be stylish and articulate as a foetus.

Arlo Weiner fashions new style guru (he writes articles for GQ magazine...he's 9!!!what the?)and Son of Matthew Weiner creator of ultra stylish tv series 'Mad Men'

The Olsen twins were the first to tackle business at a young age creating a multi million $ Empire (dare I say Billion?)

Gwen Stefani's son looking uber cool and scarily like me... say 2 years ago (as in fashion not height and age!)

If this is not merely a fad us "oldies" need to get our acts together and read the dictionary, train up on fashion knowledge and beat these kids to all the good jobs before they leave us for dead!

Mitch. S xx

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Enviro Coffee

We all saw how bonkers I went over the idea of using a glass bottle instead of plastic to store my water, now I have gone crazy over another enviro idea.... ceramic coffee cups, Yes you heard me correctly!

These have been around for a while but have seemed to hit the mainstream due to fashionable interior stylists who love to place quirky items in their displays. I originally saw this from my friend Cassie who works for Greenpeace... she was on the train with me and BAM there it was (an intended family joke that turned into a cute realistic gift)

All I need is for them to put some quirky designs on the cup or lid and I'll be satisfied to have about 10 of them. Can't you just imagine some monogram Louis Vuitton styles, Double C's for the Chanel devotee or a crazy mish mash illustration from Romance was born?... ill make do with the plain white for now

If you're stylish and eco savvy you can get one of these babies from Hart & Heim at Bondi Junction Westfield... or over the net.

Mitch. S xx

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PA for LV

This is an example image of the colour and look of the PA version (PA are loose shorts)

I was reading through the latest issue of Marie Claire and I saw an advert for the latest Peter Alexander range and gasped! Now I'm not one to usually condone blatant copies of other designers work, but when it comes to this fun take on LV's Sprouse tribute I say "GIMME GIMME". Due to Flash player I can't get a picture so go here and look under "Men's Shorts"

Note: As I was searching for images I found the sprouse collection on sale online.... pretty good price... do I be so bold as to pop my "web purchasing cherry"?
Mitch. S xx
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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Effortless Quirk

I simply love Roisin Murphy her music, her risk taking fashion and her personality and vibrancy. I think she first came onto my fashion radar in her Moloko days in "The Time is Now" film clip. She was wearing a purple off the shoulder dress that had a billowing sleeve, I just loved how the fabric flowed in slowmo (what doesn't look amazing in slowmo?). These days we see her sporting edgy fashion with a quirk from, patent silver ankle boots teamed with shower curtain plastic trenches and hot pink elbow length gloves (fingerless), quilted black and silver checked puffer jacket with matching dress, red hair, blond hair, straight hair, curly hair, she can wear it all with such ease.

Recently I discovered (on Youtube) people debating who's better, Gaga or Roisin.... if you are plagued with this question then you obviously have issues. There's no doubt both push boundaries with their outfits but there is an obvious difference... Roisin is effortless and timeless, Gaga is contrived and dated (sorry it's just a fact). I'm not a Gaga hater but after styling 2 shows and 2 photo shoots for mimicking her style (and all the research involved) I discovered she tries so hard to be noticed and to be seen as weird and sadly has the stigma of "flavour of the month" due to being a sell out, where as my lovely Roisin has always been strange and doesn't have to try to stand out and has unique music. Just look at Gaga's film clip "Papparazzi" and Roisin Murphy's "Overpowered" and you'll see what I mean, Roisin is fluid and effortless Gaga is stiff and try hard.

Rocking a Chanel inspired look, hitting it back with a classic and edgy hair do

Amazing digital printed fabric, part of one of her many (and very interesting) looks for her "Overpowered" album artwork

80's sports Luxe at it's best, she's making me want to break out some leg warmers and matching sweat bands

Showing us that Tulle isn't only cool as a skirt or wedding dress but as an amazingly arty jacket! (love the mesh heels!!!)

Patent leather arm length gloves and hand knitted outfit, very 'Romance Was Born' and just overall amazing. I think I need a new cafe outfit so I can shake things up life Roisin

Public transport has never looked so stylish, rocking her textured checked cowl neck dress (minus the Puffer quilted jacket that goes with this. Check out the 'Overpowered' film clip to see it all)

Showing off the edgy blazer shoulders BEFORE Balmain made everyone mainstream the look. Very cool headpiece too, I was so excited when she came on stage wearing this outfit (has a lovely thin white cotton tee underneath tucked into her slim line high waisted pants)

Looking classic in this micky mouse ear shoulder dress

Snapshot for this fun and energetic film clip "let me know". Check it out to see the awesome shower curtain trench

Showing how wearable Gareth Pugh's work can be. I think this is just bloody brilliant and she pulls it off so well!!

I can't wait for her new album to come out and to see what wonderful fashion she'll be wearing now that she is a new mum (and I can't wait to see what creative outfits her child will be wearing, let's hope they follow in mummy's foot steps!)

Mitch. S xx

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Sunday, November 8, 2009

Been a while

It's been a while since my last post... but what can you do when you're trekking around Sydney going to meetings, photo shoots and doing product returns (took me 2 solid days to return the garments). Each night I'd get home have dinner and crash on the lounge, it's the reality of the job - long hours and hard work... but I absolutely LOVE it!

I thought I'd share one of my model crushes of the moment, Annabella from Chadwicks. I first met her at a shoot for Grazia Magazine, we were doing a piece on race hats and really wanted to push the boundaries of race wear. These days there are so many uninspiring looks that are displayed at race events and its such a shame, not many people are confident enough to really take their looks to the next level. My boss (Caterina Scardino) is a visionary, she can take a shirt and skirt and whack on layer upon layer of accessories and just blow the look away. With one of the looks she put a necklace on and was saying "Hmm I'm not convinced" she threw on another necklace and said "Hmm..Needs ..more" and in my mind I was thinking "getting too busy.." but she threw 2 more on and and bam! the outfit just came together and really looked superb. She's really teaching me to take risks and to know the art of accessorising (I honestly thought threre was nothing to accessorising, but now I'm learning that there is a real art form to it - my level of skill has just risen and I've started taking risks with my own accessories)

Oh....back to Annabella, So I turned up and didn't know anyone, I sat down at the breakfast table and she turns around and says "Hi I'm Annabella" and put out her hand, we did the whole introductions and she started asking about my study and what I wanted to do - To me that was a rare thing but showed just how strong her sense of character is. We talked candidly all day and she just really kept the energy of the room upbeat. This was my first shoot ever and I was assisting so I mostly helped dress the models and helped choose accessories, the following shots are my favourites.

Annabella looking amazing at the Grazia Shoot in this Carla Zampatti wrap blouse and Sonia Rykiel necklace (which was $4,900!!) I just love this image so much, I think its amazing and really takes you to that fantasy realm that only amazing fashion photography can take you. Georges Antoni and Cat just work so well together and the camera just loves Annabella (she's amazing)

As if you don't want that Bally bag or Cue jacket!! Showing some versatility Annabella really knows how to make a look work with rocking poses! (same Grazia shoot)

So keep your eyes peeled and check out magazines and advertisements, she is a rising 'it' model and has not only a great personality but can really make you lust over clothes with her amazing energy (to see more images of Annabella check out General Pants, Russh issue 31, Sunglass Hut next season and more!)

Mitch. S xx

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