Thursday, December 10, 2009

Coffee with a twist of sophistication

I'm having a coffee right now and as I was getting ready for some posts, I randomly thought of Jayson Brunsdon and his current collection. Jayson is an Australian designer and he makes gorgeous and really feminine looks. Whenever his name or work is mentioned I think "Sophisticated, glamorous, chic", he really knows how to make flattering garments and play with our senses using textured fabrics and wonderful colour pallets that have references to the Australian landscape.

I know it's been and is currently almost over in fashion land, but I decided to show off his SS/09 collection as I've had people in LA, London and Italy ask for some Australian fashion, so I dare not disappoint. Jayson's SS/09 collection took us to a really classic realm, over sized collars, big bows and shirt dresses played a major role throughout the range. I had the pleasure of using pieces from this collection at a special Designer showcase night at Myer (one of Australia's biggest department stores) it was great to see that the garments were even more amazing in real life and not just fab on the runway.

I love the pearly pink fabric that these shorts were made out of, it creates dramatic shading giving a lovely draped look and smooth silky textures that excite your eyes. This shirt is a must have, the masculinity from the over sized collar and rolled sleeves just makes a woman look sexy and chic.

We all know I have a thing for texture (well you should by now as I've used the word 28 times this week) but how amazing does this dress look! I love the over sized bow (another obsession of mine) It cinches in at the waist giving a gorgeous hourglass silhouette and I'm loving the mint green shade.

Nothing says 'Glamour' more then accordion pleats in a dress or skirt, Marylin Monroe eat your heart out! This look transports me to a croquet club when the ladies are having high tea while the gents are smoking cigars and talking about the new railroad being built....... ok I did go to a strange 1940's scene with that, but still it's a lovely thought.

I'm looking forward to his next collection and working with the garments again. Next year will be busy so I'm sure I'll get my grubby hands all over the collections in no time at all.

Mitch. S xx

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All images used are from the Marie Claire Australia website

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Tight and Textured

DKNY PF 2010, I must admit I didn't fall in love with this entire collection, some of it I felt I'd seen 1000 times, or it could quite possibly be that I've viewed so much fashion in the last 24 hrs that the similarities shown between designers blended, either way I did find some great pieces that I melted over.

I loved that the collection had a high focus on texture, from the crumpled effect to gathering we saw some great silhouettes on display. The thing that attracted me at first was the use of colour against that good old classic body con dress, I loved how the fabric looked as though it had been wrapped around the models right there on the spot creating that perfect fit. After the garments from this collection that I loved and the men's line, I'm really starting to warm up to DKNY

I absolutely love these body con dresses, especially the electric blue number. These are the two I had in mind when I was imagining the fabric being pulled around the models
Here we have that lovely texture detailing, the obvious texture is in the jacket and skirt with the crinkle fabric, but with the dress above colour played a stronger part in the texture effect.

These images are of the looks that I loved in particular, head on over to to see the whole collection and decide what you like.
Mitch. S xx
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Sharp, Short, Stylish

After my day break from blogging I've noticed I'm now officially behind on my Pre Fall 2010 blogging. Everyone, everywhere is excited about the collections and I don't blame them, we see the fashion industry battle the GFC (Global Financial Crisis)by showing what's beating in our hearts, fashion will never die out and style is forever!

I know I normally blind everyone with my addiction to colour, but I loved the sleek & sharp design used in Jason Wu's PF 2010 collection. I loved how everything was cinched at the waist, it really shows off a ladies curvature and creates that lovely hourglass shape. The pleating in the skirt details really adds that feminine charm to the strong looks shown. It really reminded me of the Australian label Cue and what they have to offer instore currently (their current campaign shows off their edgier looks so don't relate it to this post)

Hints of colour, sharp lines, pleating and strong feminine looks, Jason Wu's PF 2010 collection reminds us why we love him so much. Check out the rest of his collection at

Stay tuned for Australian fashion posts to come (once I get some great images)

Mitch. S xx

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Monday, December 7, 2009

Tokyo Lights all I can say, Versace's Pre Fall 2010 collection has excited me enough to be writing about this in a room with a temperature of 38*C (I have a towel...)

Taking inspiration from Japan and the Tokyo lights, Donatella Versace has created an ultra sexy and colourful collection. Body Con silhouettes, eye popping colour, tantalising prints and a new take on the mullet dress (I'll point it out later)

There's not 1 piece that I don't like, fashion is meant to be fun and this certainly has made me smile. I've gone all giggly over the amazing boots and heels, gorgeous bags and a killer utilitarian style jacket. For all those with humble incomes, don't fret as I for see many chain stores taking inspiration from this range and I'm sure you'll all get your versions of it, for all those with deep pockets, I can't wait to style you and see you show it off on the streets.

In this first block we see the bright pops of colour inspired by the neon lights of Tokyo, also some great prints that Japan helped inspire. I absolutely love the patent crumple booties and blue lace up heels, not only does the colour excite me but they are extremely wearable and versatile. We also see a homage to the 60's but with a street twist which makes this not only modern but relevant to the new generation.

In this second block we see the muted tone of navy, the first one is the jacket I feel is to die for! The peek=a-boo style skirt just adds that playful sexiness to the whole look. The bags are a must have, the multi colour blocks, the shades and shape just make it worth the effort to save for. Lastly we see the new take on the mullet dress, I love how it's asymmetrical, it adds that kind of blend of side split meets mini dress... either way I just love it

Here's to pop colours and edgy looks in 2010. For the rest of the collection visit

Mitch. S xx

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"Gams" a GO-GO!

Each year we see men's fashion getting more creative, we see the average guy care more about his appearance, we see the edgy get edgier and now we see more .....legs aka "gams".

The short shorts have made a comeback and I must say I'm actually liking it, obviously it looks great on male models so mere mortal men need to be careful when attempting this style. I first started liking the look when I saw it on the runway's a few months ago, but I was fully sold when I saw Brad Goreski sporting short shorts with dress shoes on The Rachel Zoe Project (where I learnt the term "gams")

Brad looking preppy and cute in Rachel Zoe's showroom (girls look at all those shoes... and this is a cropped shot!)

Dries Van Noten here showing us some clashing, one of my fav looks for this trend

Trussardi 1911 kind of sailor meets sports club meets 80's.... you following?

Michael Bastian mixing up the geek chic look with a buff model and street sneakers

Prada with shorts that seemed to be more like underwear, but still the overall look is chic

Gilded Age giving us a very American feel to this look, I met this guy a few years ago in a night club in Sydney, I swear he's wearing the same pants but cropped them into shorts...

Revenge of the nerds at Jil Sanders, I quite like the blazer with scrunched sleeves

Louis Vuitton, those sparkly shoes are still a lust have for me, the upper half of this is very wearable (so everything bar the socks) I would sport this in the warmer winter nights

LV at it again, this look makes me feel like I'm on holiday in the tropics... I have no idea why, maybe the bum-bag, sunnies and thongs combo (thongs = flip flops in Australia)
As it's Summer over here in Aus I may have to test out a few of these looks (fake tan all the way)
Mitch. S xx
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Sunday, December 6, 2009

Retro Bluetooth

So everything seems to be getting smaller and futuristic looking the more we develop technology, but some of us suffer from that retro nostalgia and have trouble letting go. The cure? a rotary telephone headset that has been converted into a bluetooth receiver!! Gone are the days of weird chips for your ear, now you can walk with your chunky retro pride.

These babies have been around for ages but I remembered that Santa needed ideas for my Xmas presents, wouldn't be an Xmas without a novelty gift (but for practical use). I can really see myself at a shoot with one of these, I'd love it in a blue.... but the red would also suit me.

Mitch. S xx

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Strawberry Summer

My girl crush of the moment is Evan-Rachel-Wood (E.R.W), she fits into my latest obsession with red heads and overall I just love her look.

It's summer here in Australia, the cicadas are in full force with their melodies, all landscape colours are exaggerated and it's absolutely boiling today. It's a time where everyone (except me) goes out to sun bake in the harsh rays. Suggestion for the alabaster skinned, stay inside! if looking pale is this sexy then I'm following in E.R.W's footsteps and embracing the moon tan.

Never has drinking coke ever appealed to me so much on this hot day

If blonds live a fun life, then red heads live a dangerous one. E.R.W in a GQ editorial

Showing us that playing the victim can be sexy

Sugar is sweet, but this bad girl has a dark side

For those of you who are caught up in the True Blood frenzy then stay tuned, E.R.W is playing the Vampire Queen and boy does she play it well

Looking forward to seeing her more in True Blood Season 3!

Mitch. S xx

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Saturday, December 5, 2009

Tulle Explosion

Viktor & Rolf with my woman crush Roisin Murphy

Viktor & Rolf have been my favourite designers since I was a teenager, I saw their Runway for the fragrance Flower Bomb and for the first time I fully understood Catwalk fashion. The difference between fantasy and conceptual design to ready to wear fashion was finally defined for me.

What excites me about this collection is the unique use of tulle, it was in every look and showed it wasn't just good for wedding dresses or the ballet, but it was great for artistic explosion (some literally looked like a cannon ball plowed straight through them)

In this first block we have the more wearable pieces from the runway. I love the use of blazers with the tulle as lizard like fins on the outer edging, the pants look fab too.

Here we're lead into a more conceptual tulle fest, I'm loving the how there is some much going on in these designs, yet they don't over power the models.

And Finally we're taken into the BIG tulle moments, we see the cannon ball effect, chunks cut out from the sides, a little bit of illusion with the second image where it looks as though the bottom part is floating. I love the giant shoulder detail on the last pic, kind of shark meets brides made

Over all these boys will always excite my attention and take me to that fantastic fantasy land where anything is possible and garment drama is celebrated.

Mitch. S xx

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