Thursday, December 10, 2009

Coffee with a twist of sophistication

I'm having a coffee right now and as I was getting ready for some posts, I randomly thought of Jayson Brunsdon and his current collection. Jayson is an Australian designer and he makes gorgeous and really feminine looks. Whenever his name or work is mentioned I think "Sophisticated, glamorous, chic", he really knows how to make flattering garments and play with our senses using textured fabrics and wonderful colour pallets that have references to the Australian landscape.

I know it's been and is currently almost over in fashion land, but I decided to show off his SS/09 collection as I've had people in LA, London and Italy ask for some Australian fashion, so I dare not disappoint. Jayson's SS/09 collection took us to a really classic realm, over sized collars, big bows and shirt dresses played a major role throughout the range. I had the pleasure of using pieces from this collection at a special Designer showcase night at Myer (one of Australia's biggest department stores) it was great to see that the garments were even more amazing in real life and not just fab on the runway.

I love the pearly pink fabric that these shorts were made out of, it creates dramatic shading giving a lovely draped look and smooth silky textures that excite your eyes. This shirt is a must have, the masculinity from the over sized collar and rolled sleeves just makes a woman look sexy and chic.

We all know I have a thing for texture (well you should by now as I've used the word 28 times this week) but how amazing does this dress look! I love the over sized bow (another obsession of mine) It cinches in at the waist giving a gorgeous hourglass silhouette and I'm loving the mint green shade.

Nothing says 'Glamour' more then accordion pleats in a dress or skirt, Marylin Monroe eat your heart out! This look transports me to a croquet club when the ladies are having high tea while the gents are smoking cigars and talking about the new railroad being built....... ok I did go to a strange 1940's scene with that, but still it's a lovely thought.

I'm looking forward to his next collection and working with the garments again. Next year will be busy so I'm sure I'll get my grubby hands all over the collections in no time at all.

Mitch. S xx

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All images used are from the Marie Claire Australia website


  1. Jayson's collection is just stunning. We love the soft girliness of the each piece, with the accordian pleats and the peter pan collars. Simply adorable. Great Article.

    Maddy, Alec, Rebecca and Madeline
    La Société de Mode | The Fashion Society

  2. Love his designs, go aussie designers! And i very much love the last dress, want it.

  3. 過去的事早已消失,未來的事更渺不可知,只有現在是真實的 ..................................................